[September 24th, 2022-]

Participating temples (Konkai-Komyoji Temple, Mibudera-Templeand Shogo-in Temple will offer a limited number of 1,862 special red seal cards as part of the "Shinsengumi Pilgrimage to Commemorate the 160th Anniversary of the Assumption of the Office of Protector of Kyoto". 


[September 24th, 2022] 12PM-3PM

Saiun-in Temple (next to the Kurodani Aizu Cemetery) will hold a "Special exhibition related to the Kyoto Guardianship and the Shinsengumi".



[September 24th, 2022]1:30PM-

A memorial graveside service will be held at the Kurodani Aizu Cemetery in Konkai Komyoji Temple to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the inauguration of Lord Katamori MATSUDAIRA as Military Governor of Kyoto.

The memorial service will be held by priests from Konkai-Komyoji Temple (Jodo sect), Mibudera-Temple (Ritsu sect) and Shogo-in Temple (Honzan Shugen sect).


There will also be a martial arts dedication by Tennen Rishin-ryū.